Bulk Excavation

When it comes time to embark upon your next excavation project, choosing the right excavation contractor can make a world of difference, both to your sanity, and to your pocketbook. Having an excavation contractor that knows what he's doing, and as a result, knows what his sub-contractors should be doing, will ensure that your project goes off without a hitch. There's something else that makes picking the right man for the job a plus: Bulk excavation packages. That's right, if you work with a reputable excavation contractor, many of them will offer discounted bulk excavation services.

For those who may be unaware of what exactly makes bulk excavation services so great, here's a short definition: When you excavate a site, you end up with at least one giant pile of dirt - and often two or three. So…. what are you supposed to do with them? Don't look at the guys you hired, they've done their jobs! Or have they? You see, when you contract with someone (either as an individual or as a company) for a bulk excavation, those pesky piles of dirt, rock, and other debris are as good as gone. As the name implies, bulk excavation includes the excavation itself, as well as any number of "add-on" services, like waste removal and the like.

However, this increased level of service carries with it an increased level of cost. In addition to the other costs of the excavation itself, additional services included in the bulk excavation packages mean that your overall costs will likely range between L50 and L100 per day. Obviously, these are general figures; the individual contractors you choose to employ can give you a custom quote. The silver lining in all of this is, if you were to order each service piecemeal, it would often be more expensive, since many bulk excavation packages include some sort of discount, especially for larger projects.

One final word about price, and the services you get for that price: As a general rule, construction companies & excavation contractors will charge by the day. For the incidentals & "extras" included in your bulk excavation are often charged by the foot, the yard, or some other measure of length or weight. Again, that is why ordering a bulk excavation is best - those extra feet and pounds can really start to add up! As always, make sure you know what you're paying for. It will save both you and your contractors a lot of hassle.

If you are left with questions that you feel this article hasn't answered, it is recommended that you run a Google search or look through your phone book for contractors that offer bulk excavation packages. They will be able to assist you in a more targeted manner appropriate to your specific project needs. Good luck!

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