Demolition and Excavation

Demolition and excavation go together like tea & honey. When you have an impending excavation project on the horizon, it is important to ask yourself whether this is simply a hole in need of digging in some soft soil, or something more extensive, like the installation of a swimming pool, the removal of a downed tree whose root system is still partially in the ground, or something of that nature. The devil, as they say, is in the details.

Once you have ascertained the exact nature of your excavation project, it's time to start calling excavation contractors. In addition to all the other good reasons not to make an excavation a DIY project (do you own a backhoe?), your excavation contractor can help you figure out how complex your project is, and whether or not both demolition and excavation are required, or just one of the two. While we're on the subject, "demolition" doesn't necessarily mean that explosives will be used in the course of completing your excavation project, though that's what most people take it to mean. In fact, the reason demolition and excavation are so often bundled together in a company's service offerings is because there is, more often than not, a great deal of undesired debris left over after whatever you're excavating is taken care of. For example, there may be pre-existing structures (like an old home, trees, or other obstacles) standing in the way of your project's completion. If you order a package containing both demolition and excavation - particularly a bulk excavation, which may or may not include demolition services - those pesky impediments will be gone before you can say "Wow! You're done already?"

With all that said, demolition of an explosive nature is often used for larger, commercial projects. Whether it is using dynamite to bring down a building, or carving out a hole in solid rock or concrete, demolition and excavation of the subsequent crater can take a variety of forms.

This article is not meant to be a comprehensive primer. Rather, it is intended to provide a brief and general overview of the nature of demolition and excavation, and why someone might want to take advantage of it as a service. For more in-depth discussion and appraisal of your specific project needs, it is advised that you seek out a reputable excavation contractor. A simple Google search or a perusal of your phone book should be sufficient to put you in contact with many contractors in your area.

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