Excavation Cost

Of all the factors to be considered at the outset of a new excavation project, there is perhaps none more closely scrutinized than one's potential excavation costs. After all, money talks, and for some reason, when you're paying to dig a hole in the ground, OVERPAYING stings just a little bit more than it ordinarily might.

That's all common knowledge, however. What might not be is exactly how your excavation costs are computed, and with excavation projects ranging in size from very small to epically huge, that's a pretty large flaw in your informational network. While excavation costs obviously vary with project size and scope, there are a few guidelines used by most excavation companies which might be a help to you in terms of your ability to make rough budgetary calculations.

For starters, excavation costs are usually computed by the cubic yard. That is, there will be a set price for each cubic yard of soil removed from the excavation site. This price will increase if the material to be excavated consists of clay or rock, and there will also be incidental expenses such as soil removal / disposal charges.

In attempting to calculate your estimated excavation costs, you should also factor in an emergency fund of at least what you anticipate the original cost to be. That is to say, if you believe your project will cost L1,000, your emergency fund should also be at least L1,000. In this way, you will be prepared for any accidents which might occur over the course of your excavation project (A flooded excavation site will set you back a few shillings, let me tell you!).

While every excavation company is different, it is usually advisable to budget between L50 and L100 per day to cover your project expenses. To get a better idea of what your excavation costs will be, or even a custom quote, look through your Yellow Pages, or do a quick Google search. If you come to them as a potential customer, most excavation companies will bend over backward to help you - and who knows…. yo might even end up getting a discount. Good luck!

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